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What was that again? #1

From Green Lantern: Rebirth #6, by Geoff Johns

Hal Jordan's inner monologue -

"Gardner’s ring is like a leaky water faucet. Sparks always fly. Even when he’s just standing still. His will power can’t wait to get free."

Umm... yeah, whatever. But seriously, Geoff - if you're looking for an analogy to describe something thats just bursting with power, then a leaky faucet is hardly the best bet. Leaky faucets suggest inefficiency and waste, not simmering will power.

Oh, and aren't we just mixing metaphors a tad too much? Sparks flying from a faucet! Whatever will you think of next?

Ani, I must say you are cuter than Joe Pantoliano :)

Ani, I must say you are cuter than Joe Pantoliano :)

I wanted to ask a question : In the Justice League serial in Cartoon Network they showed the Green Lantern to be a negro and here he has blond hair - I am confused...could you explain?

The Black rendition of Green Lantern is named John Stewart. He was Hal's backup when he was unavailable. After Hal left in the 80s, John has been GL on and off since then.

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