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Slice of Cheesecake #1

(This is a rehash from an old post on another blog)

This is Power Girl. She used to be Supergirl, but then someone else took that mantle. Annoyed, she changed her costume and tore a hole in it just so her cleavage became visible. How this helped is as yet unclear.

When Wally Wood initially wrote her character, he drew her chest slightly larger in each story. At some point, they caught on, but by then she was already a 44D. Nobody bothered reducing it thereafter.

Currently she is a member of the JSA and nobody is entirely clear as to where she came from, especially now that there is ANOTHER Supegirl.She is aggressive and an avowed feminist. I guess having people stare at your chest all day is reason enough to turn feminist.

She's also useful for distracting teenage whizkid inventors, as seen in Superman/Batman #4.

Also got into a catfight with Supergirl in Supergirl #1. Probably annoyed at Supergirl's new costume which rivals hers for distraction quotient.

Her battle cry is: EYES UP HERE!

Ani, with the amount of T&A on view here...your Daily Bugle, after the retirement of J Jonah Jameson, has become another "Times of India".

Not that I am complaining.....

(I hope this does not make me even more "MCP" than I am perceived to be....of late, with all the mud flying about everywhere with split identities and all.....I was amused and distraught to find my blog on an Anon comment as an example of "worst blog---long boring posts and misogynistic".)

Can accept the first accusation....dont know abt the second.

PS: Would like to know more about superhero deaths---how and who were killed off and how, if at all, did they "come back" alive?

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