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Cool Link #1

The people at UXN have created an updated Mutant Relationship Map as part of their birthday celebrations. Clearly a lot of work has gone into this, and I, for one, think they deserve a round of applause for this.

Before you look at the map, here's a pop quiz. Answer without looking, and then see how many you got right.

a) Who is the only woman Wolverine married?
b) Cyclops and Magneto have both dated this person. Who is she?
c) Who's the hottest mutant? 10 different people have been interested in this one.
d) How many women has the mild mannered Professor X had serious relationships with?
e) Who was Mystique's only true love?
f) Why does Iceman hate Havok so much?
g) She dated two brothers and one of their sons! Who is this harlot?

Now lets see how you did. Select the text below to see the answers.

a) Nope - not Mariko or Rose. Both died before the deed could be done. It was the villainous Viper. But he was blackmailed into it, so it doesn't really count.
b) The winsome Lee Forrester comforted both men during really bad times in their lives.
c) The silver-haired Kenyan goddess, naturally. Storm it is.
d) No less than four - a nurse, a diplomat, a scientist and an empress! . Not bad for a man stuck in a wheelchair.
e) In spite of fathering children with Sabretooth and Azazel, Mystique's heart beat only for another woman - Destiny.
f) Well, you would too if he stole not one, but two of your girlfriends (Lorna and Annie).
g) That would be Madelyne Pryor, the clone of Jean Grey. She married Cyclops (and gave birth to Cable), but also had a fling with his brother Havok, and later had a thing with Nate, his son from an alternate reality.

There's a larger version of this map on their site, which allows you to zoom, search for specific mutants and do all kinds of other cool things. Take a look at the rest of the site too. They have impressive databases on all characters and issues as well as articles, a custom figure gallery and previews.

STOP THE PRESSES: Shadowcat and SPIDERMAN! I definitely did not see THAT coming. And yet, it makes perfect sense to anyone who's been following the goings-on in the Ultimate Universe. Bendis, you're a genius.

Hottest mutant. Hmm. What about Emma Frost? Or Mystique who can be any woman you want her to be?

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