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Artwork #1

And now for something totally different.

Here are a bunch of pretty pictures. And since one cannot talk about pretty pictures without mentioning Alex Ross, here is some of his work that I think is mindblowing.

This is a drawing of the old and current JSA members in one picture. This was also used as the covers to JSA #68 and #69.

And now, here are the original Teen Titans. And unlike many other artists, Ross' teens look like teenagers, not short adults.

And the other teenagers - the Legion of Superheroes.
This picture isn't the best quality, but I had to include it. This is Ross' tribute to Alan Moore. All of Moore's creations make an appearance here, from the crew at Watchmen, to Promethea.
Moore also has a whole series of paintings where he has taken classic scenes from Golden Age comics and copied them in his own style. Here's an example.
Finally, a picture that I can't help but gape at even now. This is his vision of The Crisis on Infinite Earths. It has practically every single DC character ever. Even now, I can only identify about 75% of them. Zoom in to it to see the incredibly intricate detail.

Lot of eye-candy all round. Enjoy, until the next long, overly analytical post.

Yeah, Alex rules.

M - That he do, friend. That he do

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