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Cool Link #2

Always Remember...

Tags, memes, the works. They ask you to list everything from the number of books you own to your most embarassing moment. Everyone who's anyone has been tagged. But now I present a meme that has escaped the notice of the Great Indian Blogsphere. This is the "Always Remember" meme that is exclusively for comic book readers. Its a little hard to explain, so I'll redirect you to the page of the man who started it all. Here is a compilation of all contributions to date. After you read a few, I think you'll get the drift.

Unfortunately, I haven't been tagged by anyone. But the Gamesmaster plays by his own rules. So I have decided to add my own two bits to this. Here's my contribution.

And what's a meme without some taggees? Since I can only pick those who know their comics well, I pass this on to Apna Bhai Anang, Abhimanyu I-know-Neil-Gaiman Das, and the wonder twins Momo and Bini.

God I hate memes. But I'll give this one a try.

Hehe. This is so cool! I was inspired to post my own version here:


Hope you don't mind. Cheers!

Check my blog, good sir.

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