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Thesaurus #1

Mun·dy (mŭn-dē)
1. A person belonging to the Mundane world, i.e. one who is not a Fable.

1. Relating to the Mundane (non-Fable) world.

In the world of Fables, Vertigo's exceptional ongoing series, written by Bill Willingham, all the fable characters you read of as a child do exist among us. Driven out of their homelands by a character known only as the Adversary, the surviving Fables moved to the new world, and set up two settlements - one in the fledgeling city of New Amsterdam, where the human-looking Fables stayed, and one a few miles away in a rural area, where the non-human Fables reside.

Centuries pass and New Amsterdam becomes New York City, but the immortal Fables are still with us. In a city teeming with Mundies (see above), their self-governing community manages to keep their existence secret from the Mundane world.

This series tells their stories. All the characters are from established fables, but they may not be exactly the way you remember them in the story. Favourites like Snow White and Prince Charming are here, as are Mowgli, Ichabod Crane, Robin Hood and a host of others. Read it NOW!

Final FUCKINGLY! Someone noticed fables. I lost track around issue 29. I hear its already been optioned for a film. Fables and Powers are exactly the breath of fresh air american comics need.

Anang, old chap - I've been reading Fables for 2 years now. Right now the TPB's I've collected include Fables, Powers, Y:The Last Man, 100 Bullets, Sleeper and Ex Machina. I see you are into the first two - grab the others if you can.

And yes, movie rights have been sold. No project has been announced, though.

PS - I know who the Adversary is.

TELL ME!!!!!
I got no freakin' idea. Yes I've read Y the last man. 100 bullets I got tired of after issue 50-something I couldn't see where the story was going but the original concept was great. Sleeper and Ex Machina never heard of them. Where do you buy your stuff from? I'm thinking about giving in and buying online, i used to go a comic shop in buffalo, NY but now i live in the DC suburbs.

What I also wanted to say was, I wish sometimes I had ideas like the creators of these great comics. I mean even in terms of my expectations they just keep blowing me away because now its as if there are no limits...graphically and storywise.
People like Alan Moore really opened the floodgates on the industry, and now its a revolution. (Still not culturally accepted though. Mainstream, yes, can't deny market power of millions of individuals.)
I wish I could do stuff like this with movies.

but the adversary wasnt who you said it would be. it was the other person we discussed.

Finally got arund to reading Fables. Liking it. Have found Y-The Last Man till issue 48, how many more are there? Has the series reached conclusion?

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