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How to be a succesful comic writer #1

Step 1: Get out those razors and polish off that pate. Excess hair on the head clearly inhibits creative thinking, graphically speaking.

Young Turks Grant Morrison, Brian Azzarello, Brian Michael Bendis and Brian K. Vaughan illustrate.

So is smooth and shiny the only way to go? Not all the writers we asked felt that way. Alan Moore, that granddaddy of graphic novels reacted with utmost horror at the suggestion.

"What! Lose my hair. Only Scotsmen and people named Brian would consider something like that", said the great man, as he lovingly stroked his luxuriant chin curtain.

But the last word on this hairy issue was had by enfant terrible Warren Ellis. Suggestions that he lose the facial foliage were met with the following:

"Between Alan and myself, we have enough active follicles to more than compensate for those eggheads", he commented. I think that pushes the average scalp hair for a comic writer back to normal.

(Dedicated to that other creative genius who sacrificed follicles for phraseology - JAP)

*briefly raises head from folded arms to mutter a broken Thank you ... muffled sobs resume

On the basis of Hunting Girl, Too Old to Rock'n'Roll and Bungle in the Jungle could Ian Anderson be up there with Alan Moore?


Just read Y-The last Man by Brian Vaughan. Visited your archives to see if you've written anything about him. Why have you been so quiet lately?

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