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Alternate Sexuality Watch #1

Arnab pointed me towards the following exhibition, which explores the idea of a gay Batman and Robin. DC comics were not amused and have proceeded to put legal pressure on the dealers to stop the exhibition. You can read the article here.

The question that now arises is - how far off are these guys from the truth? Doesn't Batman's preference for little boys in hotpants seem more than just a little odd? Also consider how he's blown of every woman who's tried to enter his life. Its also a fact that when the Comics Code was established with its strong stand against deviant sexuality, Robin was gently moved out of Batman comics. What exactly were DC worried about?

Well, people started getting hints when Batman started giving the innocent little tyke instructions that seemed more than just a little strange.

Very obedient little kid that. Maybe thats why Batman picks them young - easier to mould.

But come on, that could have meant many things. How do we know that Batman's intentions were anything but honourable?

Well, how about this?

Sputter! Good question, Batman. WHAT EXACTLY DID YOU DO TO THAT LITTLE BOY? Was it similar to what these other fine gentlemen did to the ones they're thinking of?

Not at all - Batman loved Robin like a father. And there's no evidence at all that he was gay. So this is complete speculation.

Well as for the gayness bit, Batman did give hints sometimes. Like this for example.

The RAINBOW Batman! If that isn't a gay pride thing, I don't know what is. And that outfit looks distinctly more pink than red.

Hmm, so he has lousy fashion sense. Doesn't make him gay.

Perhaps not, but we weren't the only ones who thought so.

Just way too much innuendo here. The women of Gotham have surrounded Batman and are trying to force him into holy matrimony. Notice Batman's expression of horror at the thought. Robin seems quite pleased, though. Perhaps he decided to 'expose' Batman once and for all. Even Batgirl gets in on the action - he loves Robin more than he loves me? This is wrong at many levels.

Oh please - Batman was a renowned misogynist. He didn't believe in the institution of marriage. Why does that imply he's gay?

You want implications - do you wonder what was going through Superman's mind here?

Bruce - is there something I need to know?

Umm, just a little harmless fun. Batman would never do anything to any of those boys.

No, but sometimes the boys can get overzealous.

He can't hold himself back any longer.

What nonsense! He's saving Batman from... I don't know... some projectile. That's all!

But lets hear the testimony of Robin himself.

Doing his best now, is he? Maybe he doesn't have to try too hard.

He meant something else!

Oh really, then what about all the other boys?

You've opened your mouth once too often, Robin. All right, lets get the other little swimmers in. And put some clothes on, you lot.

The prosecution rests, your honour.

I see someone's been surfing the superdickery site more than once.
Don't think Batman's gay though. Come on, the guy's a schizophrenic. He's got his hands full juggling dual personalities.

Quick question. How many active blogs do you have? How the f*ck do you maintain all of these?

Never thought I'd like this blog, but I do. You, Sir, are an invidious argument of insidious intent.

You're on three blogs now, or are there more?


Wow....nice work man-i came here thru the duck's pond-i'm linkin you to my own blog-arijitsett.blogspot.com
Plz visit when u can

oh jeez. i'm trying so hard not to laugh hysterically, considering i have a lot of doi on my face (don't ask). hilarious, genuinely.


Really cool posts ! J Jonah Jameson will be proud of you !!


Amazingly researched stuff...gutwrenchingly funny....

brilliant! :D

Hilarious!Confirmed my suspicions abt those two. I mean , who in his right mind would wear a chaddi over his pants?

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So are you back? Where's tatonnement?

ah! quite an interesting list of evidence! lol... They do make a cute couple :)... and about time too for a gay superhero !

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