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Soundbytes #2

For those of you who remember reading this post - Frank Miller's rewriting of the origin of the Dynamic Duo in All-Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder, ruffled quite a few feathers. Not only for its depiction of Batman as a complete and utter arsehole who thinks nothing of kidnapping, terrorising and beating up an already traumatised kid,

but also for turning intrepid reporter and Bruce Wayne's one time love-interest, Vicki Vale, into a sex kitten.

I won't go into the details right now, but there were some who suggested that the artwork was that way because of how Jim Lee draws all his characters - gorgeous and hyper-sexualised. And its not like we don't have shots of hunky Bruce Wayne. Frank Miller may be a number of things, they said, but he's not a misogynist.

Ahem! Recently, a copy of Miller's storyboard instructions to Lee were published. And they are, well... incriminating, to say the least. Here, for your viewing pleasure - once again - are the offending pages from All-Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder #1, but this time with accompanying commentary from Mr. Miller himself. The highlighting is mine.

"Nothing Vulgar". Nope, nothing at all. Frank Miller respects wymmyn, and don't you forget it. Here's what a popular webcomic had to say on the issue.

Ha! Nothing to say, Frank? How about - "I'm shameless, Jim!"

Yeah, I loved the webcomic.

I used to be quite uncomfortable while reading Sin City. I don't know if I'm gratified or disappointed to learn I was right.

BTW, I think you're a bit late to the news - it was originally seen when Lea Hernandez mentioned this as a symptom of the sexism which forced her to leave mainstream comics/work-for-hire.

True - I saw these a while back too, back when I wasn't posting, so this is kind of delayed as a result.

Its still a damn good post mate. For some1 who isn't in he comic book scene (like moi) this is pretty damn kewl.

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